Panatnikhom is about 200km East of Vietnamese refugees border camps. It was established in July 1980 as a processing center for the refugees: Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian. The refugees were transferred from other refugee camps in Thailand for third country resettlement process. Vietnamese Land Refugees (VNLR) were also transported here for processing. Most lived here for about 1 month, longer if they needed medical treatment or depended on the resettlement countries, before flying out to final destination.
As it was, Panatnikhom existed only in our dream for many years we languished along the border. We thought about it more than about anywhere else. It had become part of our journey, albeit very short time.

The photos in this blog are courtesy of several people, with the timeline noted below. We sincerely thank you all of you for sharing these priceless photos

Trinh Huy Chuong, a fellow refugee who was lucky enough to have a small camera to capture the most memorable memory in the short time he was there, from December 1987 to June 1988.

John Launder, a volunteer from Australia who was assisting refugees at Panatnikhom in 1984.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the way to Bangkok airport -1988

Quang cảnh Bangkok từ xe bus ra phi truờng đi định cư

Quang cảnh Bangkok từ xe bus ra phi truờng đi định cư

Quang cảnh Bangkok từ xe bus ra phi truờng đi định cư

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  1. BangKok giữa năm 1988, trên đừơng ra Phi trường Don Muang...nhìn cảnh phố xá của Vọng Các lúc đó mà mình cảm thấy bùi ngùi và buồn buồn tủi tùi cho Quê hương Việt Nam mình...nếu như không có biến cố 30 tháng tư, thì thử hỏi Vọng Các làm sao dám so sánh với Hòn Ngọc Viễn Đông Sài Gòn tiền 1975..???